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At 93, Tun Dr Mahathir shows no signs of slowing down

Published on 10 July 2018|
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The world’s oldest elected head of government (and our prime minister) turns 93 years old today!

Malaysian prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is still going strong even as he turns 93. Born on 10 July 1925, the nonagenarian has put many of us young ones to shame with his seemingly boundless energy and active mind. His quick wit never fails to impress, and here we are wondering how he does it!

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So here are some pieces of advice from the man himself, and we trust they will fall on eager ears.

1. Keep moving

Dr Mahathir has always advocated a healthy and active lifestyle, and believes that muscles must be constantly used so they do not degenerate. So keep walking and moving your limbs by exercising regularly and getting off the couch.

2. Don’t overeat (ever)

According to our prime minister, one should refrain from overeating. In an interview with The Sunday Times, he shared about research that found monkeys fed low-calorie diets had longer lifespans. “There is a tendency for people over a certain age to become obese. They have a big stomach and to satisfy themselves, they drink and they overeat, which places a burden on their heart,” he reportedly said.

3. Have an active mind

Stimulate your mind often through reading, solving problems and writing so that your brain is forced to exercise and stay active. Dr Mahathir reads around three books at any one time. Researchers have also advocated learning a new skill well in old age as that spurs healthy ageing and sharp cognitive skills.

4. Retirement? Nah.

Finally, Dr Mahathir advises everyone to keep working and staying active, even after ‘retirement’ age. According to him, he has never actually retired. It seems both his body and mind are used to working hard, because being a prime minister isn’t easy but nothing seems to be stopping him from doing it.

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