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The Olsens And Their Influence in the Fashion Industry

Published on 09 October 2017|
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It’s been years and we still can’t get over the Olsen Twins as “Michelle” from Full House and the two cute detectives from “The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley”.

Well, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have seamlessly held our focus since their debut in 1987. Both these sisters had an interest in fashion before they stopped with their acting career. At such a young age, they both had a brand known as “Tween” sold in Walmart.

The twins have redefined the styles constantly and have launched clothing lines just for fun!

They started designing without any professional experience proving to be the fashion icons at a very young age. And in 2006, the Olsen twins launched their brand, “The Row” that changed and influenced the fashion industry. They started off with a couple of t-shirts and leggings, and have since transformed into a full-blown fashion line. Now, the twins also put up an entirely different line called “Elizabeth & James”.

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Olsen’s said that “their twinship is difficult for people to grasp and they think of themselves as Unicorns.”

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ROW and Elizabeth & James are both high-end brands that the majority of people (us included) could not afford. So, they launched a more affordable line for purses, clothing, and accessories known as the Olsenboye for J.C. Penney.

The looks of both the twins were described as “bohemian-bourgeoisie” and sometimes just “simply chic”. Their signature style is categorized by unstructured clothing, layers on layers, sunglasses on a half face, and a mix of high and low-end pieces.

And, as the years went by:

These twins had the whole fashion world talking in no time!

The Olsen sisters have transformed their style into a more tailored and sophisticated version of their early 2000’s looks. They have donned simple and classic cuts in the past years, and this year is no exception: nude lip colors and beachy waves have totally been their thing!

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In 2012 and 2015, CFDA awarded the Olsen sisters with the Womenswear Designers of the Year. In the year 2014, they also bagged the title of CFDA Accessory Designers of the Year. Undoubtedly, they are one of the best of the fashion industry’s duos! You can always follow them to have a chic look!

The Olsen sisters have made their name in the fashion world and one can only imagine what they can do in the years to come!


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