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DIY Fashion: Give your closet a makeover with 3 great ideas!

Published on 03 November 2017|
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Are you bored of that plain old t-shirt or looking to experiment with your washed-out jeans?  Well, the sky’s the limit when you DIY! Adding your own touch and creating DIY fashion is currently in trend, and we’re going crazy over it too.

DIY Clothing Ideas

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It totally transforms your clothes from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. So if you’re looking to turn some heads as you walk down the street or get an “Ooh” out of your friends, give these three DIY fashion ideas a shot.

DIY A T-Shirt Into A Cute Dress

DIY Clothing Ideas

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“I don’t have anything to wear!” — sound familiar? Yes, it can be a real dilemma for fashion-lovers out there. Without burning a hole in your pocket, transform an old t-shirt into something trendy.

What about making a dress on your own? It’s all about creativity. Wrap an old, oversize t-shirt, tuck in the sleeves as shown above and there you go. A DIY fashion win.

DIY Your Denim Into Lace Shorts

We really love our denim, don’t we? It’s a trend that never dies, and it really shouldn’t.

But what if they are washed out? No worries, we have DIY fashion to the rescue! For lace denim shorts, all you need is an old pair of denim jeans, yarn, and scissors. Cut out a triangle from both sides and cover it with designer lace.

For the complete process, read here.

Transform an Old T-Shirt Into A Cute Peplum Top

Who doesn’t love a peplum top? Regardless of the occasion, it is a great go-to piece that gives us the “pretty” feel in  a matter of minutes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iBsgLY9BJA?ecver=2]

 To design it yourself, all you need is an XL T-shirt. For step by step guidance, read here.

Well, everyone loves DIY fashion. Not only it is creative, but it also saves you lots of cash! You can now simply DIY your old dresses and turn them into new ones without breaking the bank. Don’t you think these ideas are worth a try?

DIY Ideas

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What are you waiting for? With DIY fashion, anything’s possible!

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