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Choosing the Best Swimwear according to your body type

Published on 14 August 2017|
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Summers are on, and your search for the best swimwear is in full swing!

With the start of the summers, we have been amping-up our workout sessions and walking out those curves just to get that sexy “beach body”! And, when it comes to flaunting swimwear, there is a myriad of style that you can use to flatter your body type. We know finding a great swimwear is a daunting task, but the struggle doesn’t have to be that tough!

Here is a guide to end the search for your holy grail of swimsuits that suits your body shape perfectly.

Take heart of these and choose the one that suits you the best.

Hourglass Shape 

types of swimsuits

Credit: Lifestyle

The hourglass shape is most versatile body shape with a full bust, waist, and rounded hips.

A classic bikini with a thick strapped bra style top along with legs elongating high cut bottoms will serve you with the best!

Play around with cut outs, symmetrical cuts that will accentuate your body parts gracefully.

Pear body shape

types of swimsuits

Credit: Across The Catwalk

If you are heavy at the bottom, the key to choose the perfect swimsuit is to balance the body and cover the bottom half.

For a smoother silhouette, go for solid or printed bottoms. Make high cuts your preference as it will give you an illusion of longer legs.

Avoid the loose shorts as they are going to make you appear wide!

Athletic shape

types of swimsuits

Credit: HuffingtonPost

If you have an athletic body shape, our goal is to choose a swimsuit that will enhance our curves.

Choose the tops with cups and pick floral as well as chic prints! The patterns will balance your lower half and will also draw the eyes down to hips and waist.

Apple Shape

types of swimsuits

Credit: allwet beachwear

Apple shaped bodies have balanced shoulders, waist along with the round tummy and full bust. The goal is to minimize the mid section and accentuate legs and the chest.

Go for the one piece suits, which will hide your mid section area and give you the illusion of slimmer and longer torso.

Short Torso

types of swimsuits

Credit: bill Waldrop daylilies

For short torso body shape, you need to add lift and elongate the bustline.

Swimsuits with the low rise bottoms will make your torso appear longer! Also, give consideration to the halter straps as they will emphasize you shoulders and neck line.

Boyish Figure

types of swimsuits

Credit: Canadian Living

If you have a boyish shape, then you lack on the front side. Go for solid colored swimsuits or choose the one with the bold prints.

You can try the retro and classic style swimsuits, which will give you the Marilyn Monroe type curves!

Dressing according to your body shape is all about toning down the areas and creating a visual balance.

But, here’s the catch, always buy both the apparels separately. Don’t settle if one of them don’t look good. Mix, match, complement, and ace the look!

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