We’ve always believed that great stories move the world forward and that truth matters. Carrybeans was founded as a place for stories of the day, delivered with creativity and simplicity. From current affairs to happenings around Borneo, here’s where you’ll be informed and inspired.

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Our vision

Carriers of Creative Content

Our mission

We are an information provider and conversation influencer, setting knowledge trends in Borneo and beyond.

Our team

We’re a passionate bunch with a thirst for meaningful information, creative expression, useful knowledge and spontaneous fun. We live off the Borneo sun (and rain), good friendships and mugs of kopi.

Sam C • Founder

Crisp Intro : I enjoy being around people, learning from others and hearing their stories

Cool Ability : Entering my mind palace

Comfort Food : Doughnuts, croissants, egg tarts

Eleni K • Operations Lead

Crisp Intro : Creative + Passionate + Dreamer = Eleni

Cool Ability : I have a superpower; it’s called multitasking

Comfort Food : Fried chicken, cinnamon rolls and anything soupy, especially ramen

Charles L • Technical Lead

Crisp Intro : Has always been fascinated by technology, and anything related to outer space.

Cool Ability : Walking silently

Comfort Food : Fried chicken, cola

Abe K • Production Lead

Crisp Intro : Coffee, lots of tumblr with a side of The 1975 and adventure planning

Cool Ability : I shred

Comfort Food : Fries, tomyam soup and oyster omelette

Andy L • Designer

Crisp Intro : Curious

Cool Ability : Always hungry

Comfort Food : Nasi goreng kampung with cili padi, shang nyuk mian, ngiu chap

Juanna A • Admin Superwoman

Crisp Intro : I listen to people’s stories

Cool Ability : Hiding my money

Comfort Food : Ice - cream, tea, potatoes, grapes

Michelle C • Content Lead

Crisp Intro : I like words

Cool Ability : Speed reading

Comfort Food : Ice - cream, tea, potatoes, grapes

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