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About Us

Hey there, thanks for dropping by!

Here’s where you’ll find out a little bit more about Carrybeans, what we do and what gets us going. Fried chicken works, usually.

So have a scroll, and let us know what you’d like to see more of.

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Carriers of Creative Content



We are an information provider and conversation influencer, setting knowledge trends in Borneo and beyond


The Carrybeanies

We’re a bunch of cray-cray people — okay, not all of us — with a thirst for good information, useful knowledge and spontaneous fun.

We live off the Borneo sun (and rain), good friendships and mugs of kopi.


Sam C, Founder

Crisp intro: I enjoy being around people, learning from others and hearing their stories

Cool Ability: Entering my mind palace

Comfort Food: Doughnuts, croissants, egg tarts


Eleni K, Ops Manager

Crisp Intro: Creative + Passionate + Dreamer = Eleni

Cool Ability: I have a superpower. It’s called multitasking.

Comfort Food: Fried chicken, cinnamon rolls and anything soupy, especially ramen


Charles L, Tech Chief

Crisp Intro: Has always been fascinated by technology, and anything related to outer space.

Cool Ability: Walking silently

Comfort Food: Fried chicken, cola


Abe K, Social Chief

Crisp Intro: Coffee, lots of tumblr with a side of The 1975 and adventure planning

Cool Ability: I shred

Comfort Food: Fries, tomyam soup and oyster omelette


Andy L, Designer

Crisp Intro: Curious

Cool Ability: Always hungry

Comfort Food: Nasi goreng kampung with cili padi, shang nyuk mian, ngiu chap