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By Eleni K., Carrybeans Coco: Of Magic, Wonders & Memories After weeks of disappointment from the film industry and thinking what the

We all love superhero movies. They are a big-screen expression of our hidden desire to save the world, possess superhuman

Military personnel, firefighters, and civil servants are the real heroes! In June 2013, 19 elite firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hotshots

By Eleni K., Carrybeans I refused to read any sorts of reviews before watching Justice League because I didn’t want my


Did you know that Malaysia has more than 100 waterfalls? Photo Credit: asisbiz And many of them are waiting for you to

Are you looking for great destinations for a weekend getaway? We've got you covered! You don’t have to travel as

Sarawak- Land of the Hornbills! Well, if adventure had a home, it would probably be in Sarawak! Heading over to Sarawak for

Hey, parents! Are you planning for a family holiday before 2017 ends? If you're doing your research to ensure your

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Coffee. That word alone invokes the feeling of happiness (and the struggle to stay awake finishing overdue assignments) within us

By Eleni K, Carrybeans Furball Heaven: A getaway for an overdose of cuteness My goshhhhh! SO CUTE! *goes around trying to catch

By Eleni K, Carrybeans 'Tis the season of making moments and memories! Ah…. Christmas. Just the thought of it brings a smile

For many art-loving Sabahans, the Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM) is a familiar household name. From handcrafted items to gourmet foods